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    A test case is a set of HTTP/S requests generated by a user’s clicks or actions that represent a specific usage scenario. The test case represents an impact to website performance induced by a single user. In some load testing literature, a test case is called Script.

    A test can have one or several test cases. Every test case is created and configured independently. The test case can be instantiated in StresStimulus by:

    • Recording browser or other web client actions as a new test case.
    • Creating from a set of HTTP sessions captured by a proxy.
    • Importing a test case from a different test.
    • Opening a previously stored test.

    All steps of recording and configuring a test case are performed on the Main tab on the first two sections in the Workflow Tree: Record Test Case and Build Test Case.


    Recording Test Case

    Other Methods of Creating Test Case

    Post recording steps

    Parameterizing dynamic tests

    Test Case Object Properties

    Other Test Case Elements

    Managing Test Case(s)



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