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    Fiddler Grid

    To view test sessions in the Fiddler Grid, click the arrow on

    the "Show …" split-button on the toolbar above Workflow

    Tree and select which sessions to show.


    1. "VU number" column displays a VU in the <User XXX> format.


    2. Iterations and requests are displayed in the

    column "Iter-URL" as  < YYY-ZZZ>,  where

    YYY is an iteration number for the user XXX,

    and ZZZ is a request number within the iteration.


    3. Replayed Sessions: Primary requests are displayed in

    bold-gray. Dependent requests are displayed in gray.


    4. To delete selected recorded sessions from a test case,

    hit (Ctrl+Del).


    5. Response bodies are removed to save memory.

    To keep them, configure "Purge response bodies"

    property in the Result Storage section.

    Session Grid

    #Request number
    ResultsResponse code
    MethodHTTP request method, i.e., GET, PUT
    HostHost name
    URLPath of the resource
    Content-TypeThe MIME type of the response
    RequestRequest size
    ResponseResponse size
    TTFBTime to receive the first byte of the response
    TTLBTime to receive the response
    Virtual UserVirtual user issued the request
    Iter-URLIterations and request number



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