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If Toolbar

Status: Recording 
Status: PausedClick to Pause recording.
ResumeClick to Resume recording.
StopClose the browser and set the test case in StresStimulus.

Help Boxes

RecorderTo record a test case:

1. Go to the tested website to start recording.
2. To skip recording of some pages, click "Pause".
3. Complete navigating web pages.
4. Click "Stop" to close the web browser.
A new test case will be created.

See Also:
Recording with Web Browser
Recording from Non-Browser Applications
Transactions and Comments

- To start a transaction, enter its name in the textbox

and continue navigating through your test scenario.

- To end the transaction, enter the next transaction

name or clear the text box.

- To create a comment, click "Create Comment",

enter text in the appeared box, and click OK.


See Also:
Creating Transactions

Creating Comments

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