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There are sometimes instances where one test case needs input from another test case. For example, imagine the following two test cases:

  • The first test case, called Create Claim, that creates a new insurance claim. 
  • The second test case, called Approve Claim that approves the insurance claim created above.

These test cases will be executed sequentially in a test case group called Create and Update Contact

Create an extractor

In order to approve the newly created insurance claim, the Approve Claim test case needs the id of the insurance claim created by the Create Claim test case. 

The first step is to create a normal extractor to return the new claim id from the Create Claim test case as described here.

Creating a parameter

Once the New Claim Id extractor is created, it can be used as a parameter in the Approve Claim test case.

Find the appropriate session in the Approve Claim test and go to create a parameter as described here.

Since the extractor that we need to parameterize with is evaluated in a different test case, select From all test cases option in the Extractors dropdown on the bottom of the Variable picker. This will bring up all extractors from all test cases, as shown below.

When selecting an extractor declared in a different test case, its notation will be (Test Case). (Extractor Name) as shown below

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