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Import a .csv file with user credentials
Host-Specific Credentials

Help Boxes

Server Authentication

Use this grid when the tested website uses Basic, Windows

Integrated (e.g. NTLM) or other Kerberos authentication.


Enter users’ credentials in the grid


click "Import" on the toolbar and select a .csv file with the

user's credentials matching the grid columns.


Multiple user credential rows are consumed by the VUs

in a round-robin order.


Note 1: For Form authentication, in the Datasets section, create an

Authentication dataset and use it in the Parameterization section.


Note 2: Check the Host-specific Credentials box to enter

different credentials for multiple hosts.


Note 3: Check the User Groups box to assign credentials to

user groups. Then enter a user group name on each row.

See Also:

Authentication Columns



DomainDomain to authenticate a VU
UsernameUsername to authenticate a VU
PasswordPassword to authenticate a VU
HostHost to which the credentials will be submitted
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