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The standalone version is designed to turn the proxy on automatically when you start recording and remove the proxy when you close the recorder. This is necessary for the recorder to capture traffic.

While automatic proxy configuration works in most cases, sometimes it fails. In this case, the recorder will not capture the traffic. There are several possible reasons for this. For example:

  • There is a policy set that prevents the proxy from being changed
  •  Other software like security / networking / vpn / malware is resetting the proxy

In such cases, the proxy configuration should be completed manually. To do so, follow these troubleshooting Instructions:


After you start recording in StresStimulus, it registers itself as the system proxy. You can verify that StresStimulus is correctly configured by using the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are in recording mode and the recorder window is visible.

  2. Open Internet Explorer if it is not already open.
  3. From Internet Explorer main menu, click Tools > Internet Options. In the dialog (a), select the Connections tab (b). Click LAN Setting (c). In the dialog (d) click Advanced (e). By default, StresStimulus proxy uses port 49386 (f).
  4. If the proxy is already specified correctly, then the proxy is correct. Otherwise, enter these settings manually.

Tip: Port 49386 is the default StresStimulus listening port. You can change this port in StresStimulus main menu Options > Options...


Checking Upstream Proxy Settings

If accessing a web application under the test requires using your company proxy, then StresStimulus will try to automatically chain to it by reading system proxy settings. If the upstream proxy information cannot be accessed through the system proxy, you need to select the Manual Proxy Settings option and specify the company proxy host and port..

In the main menu go to Options > Gateway Settings to open the StresStimulus Gateway Settings dialog. Here you can select to use the system proxy settings, input manual proxy address and port, or use no proxy.



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