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You can define a custom test quality criteria which will determine the outcome of the test. The criteria includes a list of condition thresholds that if exceeded, will fail the test.

There are 4 condition to choose from:

  • Page goal misses
  • Transaction goal misses
  • Request errors
  • Request timeouts


In order to enable the test quality criteria:

  1. Navigate to the Pass/Fail configuration settings (a).
  2. Select and enable the desired conditions to monitor (b).
  3. For each criteria, set the percent threshold for violations (c).

Setting any threshold to 0 will trigger a threshold violation if there is at least one instance of the condition. If at the end of the test there are any threshold violations then the test did not pass the test quality criteria and will fail.


For example, choosing page goal misses and setting the threshold to 10 will trigger a threshold violation if 11% of pages missed their goals.


A complete list of Pass/Fail Qualification properties is provided in Test Pass/Fail Qualification


Note: If the test was started from a command line or a batch and failed, a status code 1 will be returned. For more about command line interface, check Automation.

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