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Sometimes the same variable should be used across multiple GET or POST requests. For example, in the application where the session ID is marshaled as a query parameter, this parameter will be included in every request.

In some applications, a parameter's value submitted multiple times can have a different name in different requests.

If such parameter has to be parameterized, searching by the parameter name will not find all instances of the parameter. In this case, instead of the Parameterization Grid, use the Parameterization Editor.

StresStimulus allows to quickly parameterize multiple similar parameters and search by name and value using the Find and Replace feature in Parameterization Editor and Free Format Request Editor.

To parameterize multiple requests:

1. Select a value to parameterize

2. Click Global Find and Replace

3. Searched value will appear in the Find What box

4. Right-click in the Replace with box and in the appeared Variable Picker, select a variable. Alternatively, you can type your own value, wildcard or regular expression.

5. Select Search Scope as This Request or All Requests

6. Check other applicable options

7. Click Bulk Replace

You can also create multiple parameters from an existing parameter. Right click on an existing parameter (a) and select Create More Like This (b). The find and replace dialog will appear with the find and replace criteria pre-filled. Click the Bulk Replace button (c) to create all possible similar parameters.

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