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When recording HTTPS traffic from mobile devices the first step is to download the StresStimulus root certificate. You need  to install the root certificate only once on a device.

Standalone version

  1. On the mobile device, open a browser and navigate to the http://{StresStimulus_IP}:{StresStimulus_Port}/root.cer
    1. StresStimulus_IP is the IP address of the machine that has StresStimulus running
    2. StresStimulus_port is the listening port of StresStimulus, 49386 by default.
  2. Accept all the prompts to add this certificate to the trusted repository list.
  3. Navigate to the website or app you want to test.

Fiddler add-on version

  • For iOS devices: section Decrypt HTTPS Traffic from iOS Devices in this article.
  • For Android devices: section Decrypt HTTPS in this article.


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