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By default, a test case recorded against a website will test the same website. The Host remapping feature allows to re-target the host, which was used to record a test case, to a host which should be load tested. If you need to re-use a test case for another website, the host name or IP address and its port can be changed. For example, a test case originally recorded against a production server has to run against a test server.


Port remapping allows to record a test case against the host listening on the port other than 80 (or 443 for HTTPS) and then target a different port during load tests. If the port is not specified, then HTTP will be used port 80 and for HTTPS will be used port 443


To configure host/port remapping, follow these steps

1. In StresStimulus Main Menu -> Hosts, select Remap Hosts

2. The Host Remapping dialog will appear

3. Make sure that the Enable Host Remapping is checked;

4. On every line, enter a new host and the original host, separated by at least one whitespace character ; optionally add the new port and the original port to the host: {New Host}:{New Port} {Old Host}:{Old Port}

Use host names or IP addresses. For example:

5. Click Save.



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