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Open a session file as a Test Case
Import Test Cases from another Test

Click to view the selected Test Case and unlock it for changes

Clone the selected Test Case

Delete the selected Test Case

 Export the test case as a Visual Studio Web Test (.webtest)
 Export Test Case as an HTTP archive (.har)

Help Boxes

 Multi-Test Cases

Multi Test Cases are used to emulate different categories
of users.

- Test Cases are executed concurrently.

- VUs are distributed between the Test Cases proportionate
to their Mix Weight properties.

- To start configuring or reviewing the selected Test Case,
double-click it or click "Click to view …" button on the toolbar.
After that the entire Build Test Case section on the Workflow
Tree will be associated with this Test Case.

Note: Selecting the Test Case as Current, does not impact
concurrent execution of multi-test cases.

See Also:
Managing Test Case(s)
Editing and Deleting a Test Case
Multi-Test Case commands

- To create a new Test Case, click "Record" or
"Open session file" and select an .saz or .har file.

- To import Test Cases from another Test, click Import.

- To clone the selected Test Case, click "Clone Test Case".

- To delete the selected Test Case, click Delete.

- To change the properties of the selected Test Case,
modify them in the property grid below.

See Also:
Editing and Deleting a Test Case

Test Case Properties



NameThe Test Case name.
Recorded OnThe date and time when the test case was recorded.
DescriptionThe Test Case description.
Mix WeightThe relative frequency (in units) of the Test Case replays in the mix. Every VU is assigned to a specific Test Case selected in a round-robin order, while skipping some of them to achieve the VU distribution corresponding to the mix weights.
User GroupIf user groups are assigned in the server authentication grid, select the user group that will execute this test case. Leave blank to have VUs not assign to any user group execute this test case.
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