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Some websites use third party web services (such as Google Analytics) that should be excluded from the load test. Also, during recording, a web browser add-on may generate unrelated traffic that also should be excluded. 

When Test Wizard reached the Targeted Hosts step, a list of hosts accessed during the recording will be displayed. 

Note: Requests to the hosts added to the Excluded Hosts List before the recording, will be automatically deleted.

Tip: You can also display the Test Case Hosts dialog by clicking Hosts on the Test Case Tree toolbar.


There are two ways to remove requests to the unwanted hosts.

  • Manual purging. To delete sessions sent to hosts which do not require testing, from the test case, in the Test Case Hosts list, check the boxes (a) on the left of the host names and click Delete (b) on the toolbar.

Tip: Hosts that do not need to be tested often have a smaller number of sessions. To locate such hosts, sort the Test Case Hosts list by the Session column (c) which displays the number of captured sessions per host.

  • Automatic purging. After every re-recording, sessions which target unwanted hosts should be deleted again. To automate this process, StresStimulus maintains the Excluded Hosts List. Requests to these hosts will be automatically deleted in subsequent recordings. To add the selected hosts to the Excluded Hosts List, click the button (d) on the toolbar. To edit the Excluded Hosts List, click the button (e). You can access the Excluded Hosts List from Stimulus Main Menu  -> Host/Content-types -> Excluded Hosts. This list can have the full host name or host name with wildcards.


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