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After the floating Recorder bar appeared, StresStimulus is ready to capture client actions from a non-browser recording source such as Silverlight or Adobe AIR application or for mobile apps. Navigate the tested application. When recording is finished, click Stop in the Recorder or in StresStimulus. A new test case will be created.

Unlike recording from a web browser, where StresStimulus automates several service functions, when recording from other sources, you are responsible to provide the following service functions manually.

  • Make sure that the test case is recorded from the beginning of the client session. All initial steps, including session initiation information and login, must be captured. Otherwise, the test case will be incomplete that will cause errors.
  • If your non-browser or mobile application uses client cache, make sure to clear it before recording. This is necessary to prevent the browser from using cached data, in which case, the test case will miss some HTTP sessions.
  • StresStimulus will capture sessions from all processes on the machine without filtering, including unrelated to the test case sessions. During recording, close all browsers and other unnecessary HTTP clients. After recording is complete, delete all unrelated sessions from the test case.
  • If you are recording from a mobile device and wish to add transactions during recording, you must click the Start Transaction button to create transaction after typing the transaction name.


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