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While you configures a test using UI, StresStimulus generates a test script, representing the Test Object Model (TOM) in XML format. The script called SSScript, can be further changed using the Script Editor.

StresStimulus UI and script editor provide the two ways of modifying test configurations. In most cases using UI is a preferred method because it does not require remembering XML collections and tags supported in SSScript. However, in several situations using script can be more advantageous. Here are several examples:

  • Creating a large number of objects, such as extractors or parameters, with similar but different properties can be easier using scripting. You can use text generation techniques and tools like Excel to create multiple similar script snippets containing different parameters. After that, such text can be pasted in the script editor and saved.
  • Determining differences between two test configurations, using UI to compare configuration properties in multiple application areas can be difficult. Finding differences by comparing two SSScripts is much easier.
  • Version control.

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