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Unlock for Editing
Save session changes
Split the window at 1/4
Split the window at 1/2
Split the window at 3/4

Create a Validator for a response selected in the Test Case Tree or the session grid

Highlight the Next Difference

Show line numbers

Hide line numbers

Split screen 1:1
Session Info...

Help Boxes

Session InspectorSession Inspector displays:
- Request in the top text box
- Response in the bottom text box

To edit the session content, check
"Unlock for Editing" box.
Compare Session Inspector

Select a tab to specify which part of the session to compare.

- To show/hide line numbers, click "Show/Hide...".

- To split the screen 1:1, click "Split...".


See Also:

Comparing Recorded and Replayed Sessions

Compare Inspector: Recorded Session

In the request, if you find a recorded value that must be

correlated, select it and:

1. Click "Find the highlighted text in the previous

responses". A list of responses where the extractor

can be created will be highlighted. Create the extractor.

2. Click "Parameterize the selected value".

A parameterization dialog with pre-selected settings will open.


See Also:

Comparing Two Recorded Sessions



Compare Inspector: Replayed Session

- To create a validator for a session, click "Create Validator".

- To show the replayed session's information, click "Session Info...".


See Also:

Response Validators

Recorded Request Commands

- Click "Find selection in responses" to find

responses containing the selected text where

an extractor can be created.

- Click "Replace selection with parameter"

to create a parameter.


See Also:





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