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A test case can be presented as a Test Case Tree (a) or a Session Grid (b), as shown below. Test Case Tree can be displayed on the left pane (a) or on the right pane (c)

These two presentation forms are compared in the table below. The Test Case Tree displays a hierarchical view of TOM with multiple object types. However, it only works with one selected object at a time. The Session Grid only displays sessions, but allows to sort and select multiple sessions to perform operations quicker.

Test Case Presentation FormTest case TreeSession Grid
Displayed objectsAll objects or SessionsSessions only
Invoke operationsToolbar or Context menuContext menu


After the test case is recorded, the Test Case Tree appears in the object pane (a) on the left. The following commands allow to change its presentation and location:

  • To switch the Test Case view from the Tree to the Grid, click Show Recorded Test Case Sessions In The Session Grid (d) on the Workflow Tree Toolbar. This will also dock the Test Case Tree in the functional pane (c) on the right.
  • To switch Test Case view back to the Tree, click the Tree View button (e).
  • To move the tree to the right pane, click Dock to the right  (f) on the Toolbar of the Test Case Tree.
  • To move the tree to the left pane, click Dock to the left  (g) on the Toolbar of the Test Case Tree.
  • To display a property grid (h) below the tree, click Show property grid on the bottom (i) or right-click and select Show Properties in the context menu (j)
  • To hide the property grid below the tree, click Hide property grid on the bottom (k) or right-click and select Hide Properties in the context menu (l).
  • The property grid (h) displays properties of the selected object. The first property for all objects is Object Type (m)
  • To display the tree and the property grid side-by-side, dock the tree on the left, then select Build Test Case node (n) in the workflow tree.
  • To leave more screen real estate to the right panel, click Collapse to the left (o) on the toolbar to maximally shrink the left panel.


Tip: When selecting the request in the treeview on the right, the corresponding request in the session grid on the left gets highlighted. 

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