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A transaction is a set of sequential requests representing a meaningful step in a test scenario. It is used to track performance characteristics of time-critical  business transactions consisting of several user actions. Transactions add another level of performance tracking in addition to requests and pages.  

You can define transactions while recording a test case, as described in the Creating Transactions section,  or after the test case is created.

To define a transaction after the test case is created:

1. Go to the Build Test Case node.
2. Select the starting page or top level request.
3. Click Create a Transaction. A new transaction dialog will appear.
4. Select the last request in the transaction.
5. Give it a meaningful name and description (optional).
6. Click Create Transaction.


Transaction Goal (a) property is a transaction completion time limit. Transactions which missed the goal are reported in the Test Results -> Transaction Details section. Transaction goal is not set by default.

Transaction Think Time (b) is a delay added at the end of the transaction to simulate the user’s wait time before requesting the subsequent page. Transaction think time is not set by default.


Note: After the test is complete, transaction performance metrics are located in Transaction Details section under the test results.
Note: Think time of a transaction and think times of all children transactions are excluded from the transaction response time.
Info: The full list of Transaction properties, toolbar commands and context menu options is provided in User Interface Reference -> Transactions & Loops.


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