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Chaining to an Upstream Proxy

If the proxy settings described above are correct, but you still have issues with recording or accessing your website, then the problem may be related to a company (upstream) proxy. If such proxy is required for accessing relevant websites, then HTTP requests from the web browser that travel through StresStimulus or Fiddler, must be routed to the Company proxy. Fiddler and StresStimulus support automatic chaining to the upstream proxy. If the automatic chaining does not work, then configure the upstream proxy chain manually. Use the StresStimulus add-on version, go to Fiddler Tools > Fiddler Options > Gateway to specify your upstream proxy info.

If the options Use System Proxy and Automatically Detect Proxy using WPAD do not work, use Manual Proxy Configuration (g). 

Enter Proxy string on the first line in (h) the following format:


Enter hosts that should be not routed through the Proxy on the second line (Bypass list) separated by ";" (i)

Your corporate proxy and port information for HTTP and HTTPS protocols can be found in the Internet Explorer -> Internet options -> Connections -> LAN settings -> Advanced (j). The hosts that should bypass Proxy should be copied from the Exception list (k). Take a note of this information when Fiddler is closed.

Note: If IE uses an auto-configuration script file for configuring corporate proxy, configure it to use the Fiddler proxy first. If the script is impossible to disable due to lack of permissions, you may need to use a different browser for recording, such as FireFox.

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