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During a load test execution, you can analyze violations that occur for the configured threshold rules. Results of threshold monitoring are presented in the Runtime Dashboard and test reports on the curve grid below the performance counter graph.

The following thresholds can be monitored:

Server and Agent performance counters (a).

  • For each performance counter you can configure warning and critical threshold, as described in the Threshold Rules section
  • Exceeding the warning threshold will be displayed in the Warning column (b) in orange and the datapoint has a yellow triangle shape (c).
  • Exceeding the critical threshold will be counted in the Error column (d) in red and the datapoint has a red cross shape (e).

Page and transaction goal misses.

  • If you defined  a page or transaction goal, it will be monitored as a threshold. Violations are displayed in the appropriate page or transaction curve (f)
  • The counter of violations will be displayed in the  Missed Goals column  on the appropriate row of the Page (g) or Transaction (h) grid.
  • The datapoints with missed goal has a red cross shape (i)


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