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The standalone version uses the following command line:


StresStimulus.Application.EXE [/ssload | /ss | /noui] <config> [/ssclose] [/report <reportDir> [single]]


/ssload Load the test from the <config> file.
/ss Run the test from the <config> file.
/noui Run the test from the <config> file in no GUI mode.

<config> is a StresStimulus test configuration file. Specify a full path or the default directory %My Documents%/Fiddler/StresStimulus will be used.

/ssclose Close StresStimulus when test completes. Only with /ss flag.
/report Create an report when the test completes. Only with /ss or /noui flag.
<reportDir> The directory to save the external report. If this value is not set or the directory does not exist then use the test directory. Only with /report flag
single Create a single-page report. If not set then create multi-page report. Only with /report flag.

Exit code: The process will return the exit code 1 if the test failed the test quality criteria.


No-UI mode

When running in no UI mode, StresStimulus will execute the test as a console application.

The test progress will be reported in the console as follows:

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