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Test cases can be imported from one test to another. In the Managing Test Case(s) section, click Import Test Cases from another Test on the toolbar and then in the Windows Explorer pop-up window, select an .ssconfig file and click Open. All test cases from the selected test will be imported into the current test. All test objects will be copied into the .ssconfig file of the current test, and all .saz files with sessions will be copied into the current folder.

Tip: If you need to import some but not all test cases, then after the import, delete the test cases you do not need.


Resolving name conflicts

Test Cases

If a test case with the same name already exists, then the imported test case will automatically be renamed.

Source variable test objects

Other named source variable objects such as Datasets, Data Generators, and Functions will also be imported. If these objects with the same name already exist in the test then a Name Conflict Resolver dialog will appear.

This dialog will show all the objects that have name conflicts.

  • Check the objects to import them with renaming. All paramaters that reference the renamed objects will be renamed.
  • The unchecked objects will not be imported. All paramaters that reference these objects will now reference the existing objects.



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