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In the test wizard, on the Recording Test Case step, you can specify the following additional options by clicking Other Options.

Excluded Hosts

You can maintain a list of excluded hosts. Captured requests to such hosts will be excluded from the test case. See Purging requests to unwanted hosts.

Excluded Content-Types

You can maintain a list of excluded content-types. Captured requests with such content-types will be excluded from the test case. See Purging sessions with unwanted content types.



Recording Credentials

In most instances, StresStimulus recording proxy passing server credentials (like NTLM or Kerberos) from the browser to the web server (or upstream proxy) automatically.

However, in some instances (for example when the web server uses Channel Binding Tokens) credentials must be submitted by StresStimulus before opening a web browser. In such cases, you can need to enter the server credentials in the Recording Credentials grid. Provide the host name of the server, username and password. Some servers also require domain. If the authentication is performed by several hosts, enter several sets of credentials.


Advanced Options

Include requests with 401 HTTP statuses. Typically responses with HTTP status code 401 occur during authentication handshakes and should be ignored. If, however, your web server assigns 401 statuses for other reasons and you want to include such responses in the test case, check this box. Default is unchecked.


Clear all test case mix weights after creating a new test case. By default, after creating a new test case, mix weights of the existing test cases are reset to zero to allow the new test case to run. To preserve all this case mix weights, uncheck this checkbox.





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