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A test case can be exported to Visual Studio ".webtest" format. This can be useful when test cases recorded using Visual Studio recorder do not work because of missing correlation parameters or a portion of the traffic (i.e. requests issued by Active-X controls) . In this case, the test case can be recorded in StresStimulus and then exported to .webtest format, so that it can be opened and properly executed in Visual Studio.


To export a test case, under the Tools menu item, click Web Test Builder for Visual Studio.

Once the test case selector pops up, chose the test case you wish to convert and click OK.



Alternatively, in the Test Case Tree, navigate to Managing Test Case(s), select a test case, right-click and select Export as a Visual Studio Web Test.

When exporting, StresStimulus will export only the following test case elements:

  • All Requests, including headers and body.
  • Extractors
  • Datasets
  • Parameters
  • Pages and Transactions

All other test case objects must be recreated manually when the .webtest is imported into Visual Studio.


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