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Prior to v5.0, when a parameter was databound to a dataset, the databinding method is specified on that parameter level (as described here). Starting in v5.0, databinding can also be defined on the dataset level.

The key benefit to databinding on the dataset level is that it is easy to change the databinding mode of all parameters in one place, instead of deleting and recreating all parameters as required in the previous versions.

Default databinding mode

The default databinding mode can be changed in the property grid below the dataset.

There are available three modes:

  • VU-Bound
  • VU-Iter-Bound
  • VU-Iter-Random

All three are described here.


Create parameter with default databinding

When creating a parameter using a dataset with default binding, in the variable picker, select the column name to bind to. You do not have to select databind method as described here.

When the parameter is created, the databind method will say Dataset, which means the default dataset binding will be used for this parameter.

Override default databinding mode

To override the default databind method (or go back to the previous version of creating parameters) you have to set the Hide advanced databinding selection property to No.

That will show all available databinding methods in the variable picker.

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