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By default, a custom pattern automatically creates the proper extractors and parameters during autocorrelation. However, in some instances, when the pattern extractor's value doesn't match the recorded value to replace, the parameter created in such a way will not work, and the script will fail. This may happen when the extractor has some encoding or decoding. In this case, Formatted parameter creation mode is required.

Formatted parameter creation mode

First, set the Parameter Creation Mode to Formatted to bring up the parameter options.

Identify the parameter value location by setting the Parameter Page and Parameter Name.  The parameter name can be a header name, a query-string name, or form field name.

Optionally, set the Parameter Format String value to format the parameter value with the extractor.


The created parameter must be a name/value pair value. Free format parameters (such as XML or JSON values) can't be creating in this way.


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