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This is the most common extractor type. Its value is defined by extracting a string that occurs between two delimiters, Text Before and Text After, in the response.

Creating Text Delimited Extractor

1. In the response window, find the dynamic value you want to extract, such as a token. Use the find box on the toolbar, if necessary.

2. Select the preceding delimiter, and click Set the selected text as Text Before on the toolbar.

3. Select the succeeding delimiter and click Set the selected text as Text After.


Tip: When select delimiters consider these points:

  • Longer delimiters impact performance.
  • Shorter delimiters increase chances that more than one pair of delimiters will be found (see the next step).


4. Click Verify Extractor on the toolbar and the calculated value will appear in the Extractor Check window. Compared to the expected value,  it can be different in the following cases:

  1. Incorrect delimiters. In this case, correct the delimiters and try again.
  2. More than one pair of delimiters was found, and therefore the Occurrence property must be properly set. Occurrence property is described in the next section.

5. Turn on HTML Decoding and URL Decoding properties if either encoding was used on the server to generate the response. Example of HTML Decoding is converting ">" to ">". Example of URL Decoding is converting "%3F" to "?".

6. Turn on Escaped Hex Decoding to apply escaped hex decoding to the Extractor value. An example of decoding: '\x23' to '#'. That is used in instances when extracting values from JSON responses.

7. Turn on Use Base64 Encoding to base64 encode a UTF8 extractor value.



Shortcut for creating Text Delimited Extractor

    1. In the response window, find and highlight the dynamic value you want to extract.
    2. Right click and select Create Text Delimited or click Create Text Delimited on the toolbar.
    3. Text Before and Text After properties will be populated automatically.
    4. Click Verify Extractor to confirm that the extractor is created correctly.

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