Text Delimited and Regular Expression extractors can have dynamic properties containing not only constant values but also variables. A dynamic property value consists of a combination of constant strings and variables.

The following property can be dynamic:

  • text before and text after, in the text delimited extractors
  • regular expression in the regular expression extractors

The following variable types are supported and are described here:

  • Extractors
  • Datasets
  • Data Generators
  • Functions
  • Scriptable variables

Create dynamic extractor

To create a dynamic extractor, the first step is to set the Is the extractor dynamic? property to Yes.

Then, when setting the extractor definition, you may use variables.


Imagine the following response:

<input .... name="John" id="11111" />

<input .... name="Laura" id="22222" />

<input .... name="Anita" id="33333" />

You need to extract the id of Laura (22222) because that was the value picked from the dataset. Create the following extractor

Text before: name="{{Contact.FName$Dataset}}" id="

Text after: "

If on next iteration the value from the dataset would be John, then this extractor would return 11111.

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