If running a distributed test with one or more agents, while using SQL CE as data storage, then each agent and the controller will have its own SQL CE file.

  • The agent's SQL CE file will contain the replayed sessions that the agent initiated.
  • The controller's SQL CE file will contain all the final results and calculations, along with replayed sessions that the controller initiated.

It is sometimes necessary to query the replayed sessions from an agent. If trying to do this from the controller, you will get the following response in the inspector window.

To see test results for an individual load agent,  go to the agent machine, open StresStimulus, go to Analyze Results as described here. The .sdf file you are looking for will be in the folder %programdata%\stresstimulus\sqlce\{Test File}. There will be one .sdf file for every test run with the following format {Test Date}_{Test Run Name}.sdf, so pick the one that corresponds to your test.

Note: If Test Run Name was empty, then {Test File} is used.

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