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Each record represents a test metrics for a single load agent.

TestId (PK)uniqueidentifierGUID of the test run. If this is a SQL CE file then the value will be 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.
AgentName (PK)nvarchar(32)Name of the load agent
StartTimedatetimeThe date-time when the test started
EndTimedatetimeThe date-time when the test ended
AggregateTimefloatThe sum of all responses times in seconds
MaxUsersint32The number of VUs started on the load agent
BytesSentint64Total number of request bytes sent on the load agent
BytesReceivedint64Total number of response bytes received on the load agent
BytesSentPerSecfloatRequest bytes / (StartTime - EndTime)
BytesReceivedPerSecfloatResponse bytes / (StartTime - EndTime)
Errorsint32Number of errors occurred on the load agent
Timeoutsint32Number of timeouts occurred on the load agent
IterationsStartedint32Number of iterations started on the load agent
IterationsEndedint32Number of iterations ended on the load agent. Includes successful and failed iterations
IterationsFailedint32Number of iterations failed on the load agent
AverageIterationTimefloatAverage time for all iterations on the load agent
TotalRequestsint32Total number of requests issued on the load agent
ReqPerSecfloatTotalRequests / (StartTime - EndTime)
AvgResponseTimefloatAggregateTime / total number of responses
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