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When recording starts, StresStimulus registers the recorder as the system proxy automatically and unregisters it when you close the recorder. That is necessary for the recorder to capture traffic.

While automatic proxy configuration works in most cases, sometimes it fails. In this case, the recorder will not capture the traffic. There are several possible reasons for this. For example:

  • There is a policy set that prevents the proxy from being changed.
  • Other software like security/networking /VPN / malware is resetting the proxy.

StresStimulus recorder provides automatic proxy troubleshooting. When the recorder starts, it first sends a request to If the proxy works appropriately, then it will recognize this request as a special request, will automatically redirect the request to your target URL, and recording can start. Otherwise, the response will be handled by StresStimulus' troubleshooting page that will return instructions to help with proxy troubleshooting.

In such cases, the proxy configuration should be completed manually. To do so, follow these troubleshooting Instructions:

  1. Open Internet Explorer if it is not already open.
  2. From Internet Explorer main menu, click Tools > Internet Options. In the dialog (a), select the Connections tab (b). Click LAN Setting (c). In the dialog (d), click Advanced (e). By default, the StresStimulus proxy uses port 49386 (f).
  3. If the proxy is already specified correctly, then the proxy is correct. Otherwise, enter these settings manually.

Tip: Port 49386 is the default StresStimulus listening port. You can change this port in StresStimulus main menu Edit > Settings...

Event Log in Recorder

The event log will register detailed information about exceptions with hosts connectivity, proxy authentication, and certificates generation.  You can view the recording event log by clicking the Log button on the recorder.    

A pop-up window will display the event log. Events with issues are displayed in bold. 

Session numbers in the log correspond with the session numbers in the session grid. 

Note: Not all sessions in the log are captured in the session grid due to recorder filtering.

Recording HTTPS traffic

If HTTPS traffic fails to record, then you might need to trust the StresStimulus Recording Root Certificate II. For more information on this, click here.

Proxy settings part of group policy

If your system administrator set a group policy setting for your machine and the recorder does not capture traffic, then try running StresStimulus as Administrator.

  1. In the Start menu find StresStimulus
  2. Right-click and Run as Administrator.

Record with Fiddler

If you are unable to record a test with StresStimulus standalone version, then you can try recording with StresStimulus addon version to Fiddler. Once you finished recording, you can save the test cases and open them in a standalone version of StresStimulus.

A pop-up window will display the event log. Events with an issue are displayed in bold.

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