When testing advanced Web API, it is sometimes helpful to use Postman to create requests. This section describes how to capture requests from Postman application inside StresStimulus.

Postman settings

Before starting to record you have to disable SSL certificate verification inside Postman.

In the main menu > File > Settings > General > Change SSL certificate verification to Off

Recording traffic

To begin recording in StresStimulus, open Postman application and open the recorder.

  1. Provide a meaningful test case name in the textbox (a)
  2. Select Non-browser application (b) radio in the Recording source
  3. In the process names textbox (c) enter postman to capture traffic only from Postman application
  4. Click Record button (d) to start recording

Once the recorder started, enter the first Transaction name in the Enter transaction textbox (e)

Now use Postman application to send requests and they will be captured in StresStimulus. Change the transaction name before sending subsequent requests. Click the Stop button (f) to complete the recording.

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