An External Report presents test results in a portable (HTML) format that can be distributed outside StresStimulus. It includes data from the Test Result tab and subordinate page/transaction result tabs.

To create an external report, on the test results toolbar, click on External Report. A pop-up will appear with options to customize your report.

There are two types of reports:

  • Multi-Document - creates multiple hyper-linked hierarchical HTML pages with a report and sub-reports. This option provides convenient navigation between various parts of the report. External distribution requires sending multiple HTML and image files. To distribute the multi-document report via email, you can archive it (i.e., a zip file), preserving its folder structure. 

  • Single-Document - creates a single page that includes a report and all sub-reports. This option is convenient when you need to create a single report printout or import it into an MS Word document. The single-document external report combines the content of the multi-document external report on one page.

Specify the path in which you want to save your report (1) and the type of report which you wish to generate (2).

By default, the StresStimulus logo appears on the first page of every test report section. Also, every test report page footer displays the Stimulus Technology copyright statement and website reference. If you have a Service Provider license, you have the option to put your custom logo on the report and change the report footer (3).

Then, navigate through the tabs on the left of the pop-up (4). The options available in the tabs are described in Additional Options.

When you finish customizing your report, click OK, and your report will be generated and saved to the path which you selected. After it finishes generating, it will open in your default browser automatically.

The multi-document external report contains multiple HTML pages. The default page, index.htm, displays the Test Summary (b) containing the information from the Test Result Tab.  It has a transaction and a page section (c) containing hyperlinks (d) to the individual page and transaction reports. Individual page and transaction reports displayed in separate HTML pages contain the information from the Page and Transaction Result Tab.

All HTML report is self-documented to allow you to interpret the test result quickly. Every parameter displays an "?"  icon (e) that on mouse-over displays a value description. Every grid column on mouse-over displays a tooltip (f) with the column description.


If a table cell's content is truncated due to being too long, hover over the cell to temporarily expand the cell size and see the entire cell's content:

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