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Multiple commands are available to customize graphs and access graph information. Some of them are located in the context menus exposed when right-clicking on a graph or a curve. 

Graph commands 

1. To zoom-in on a graph, select a time range that you wish to zoom.

2. To zoom-out one step, click Un-Zoom One. To remove zoom, click Un-Zoom All.

3. To stop time auto-scrolling, scroll to the left.

To resume time auto-scrolling, scroll to the right.

4. To show hidden curves, click Unhide.

5. To maximize the graph click Maximize Graph

6. Other commands:

      • Copy, Save, Print Graph Image
      • Export Graph datapoints

Note: Clicking on the graph will select the tab with the corresponding curve grid.

Curve Commands

To access curve commands, mouse over a curve and then right-click

1. To hide all but the selected curve, click "Hide".

2. To hide/unhide specific curves, check /uncheck corresponding Visible boxes in the curve grid.

3. To unhide all curves, in the graph context menu, click Unhide All.

4. To highlight a curve, click its name in the curve grid or mouse over it in the graph.

5. To copy or export core data, click Copy or Export.

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