To select Graph View, click Graphs (a) on the toolbar.

Graph view includes in-depth graphs with load testing metrics demonstrating the performance of a tested website. It is similar to the Runtime Dashboard. It, however, does not include several elements such as Test Progress Panel, Agents, and Test Cases Grid.

Note: Customization changes made in the Graph View will be reflected in the Load Test report.

  • Curve grid data shown below the graphs is described in the  Monitoring Performance section. The final snapshot of the curves' data taken at the test completion is displayed.  Curve grids can be sorted by clicking column headings (b)

Note: There will be some discrepancies between the values on the curve grids and the corresponding values in the page and transaction detailed view. The Min, Max, and Avg values on the curve grids are aggregations of the datapoints collected during the test run. The datapoints are the average values during the checkpoint intervals. Such metrics are primarily collected for monitoring test progress and presenting the performance in real-time without waiting for the final results. In contrast, the Min, Max, and Avg values on the detail views are an aggregation of the actual measurements of every occurrence of the parameter. The detailed data is calculated after the test is complete and cannot be accessed during the test run, but presents a complete performance picture.

You can fetch load test sessions from the test log as described in Retrieving Sessions from Graphs section.

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