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Install StresStimulus on AWS EC2 Windows instances. Make sure that port 49998 is open on AWS virtual firewall. Fig below shows the example how it can be configured.

  1. From the AWS web console, create a new security group, SS_Agent_sec_gr.
  2. Create a custom TCP rule to keep inbound port 49998 (or another port if you changed the default port while configuring the agent) open.
  3. Use this security group when creating an EC2 instance.

Opening Windows Firewall

Once the EC2 Instance is running, Windows Firewall must be configured to open the incoming connection.

  1. Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  2. In the main menu Action > New Rule
  3. In Rule Type select Port, click Next
  4. In the specified port textbox input the port above, click Next
  5. Select Allow the connection, click Next
  6. Select All Profiles, click Next
  7. Give it a name: StresStimulus Agent Port, click Finish

For more information on opening ports in Windows Firewall click here.


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