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To create a scriptable variable inside StresStimulus, navigate to the Scriptable Var tab (a). From there, you can create your own variable. Select one of three languages you wish to use: C#, VB.NET or JScript.NET (b).

Give your variable a name (1) and chose when you want to evaluate it (2). StresStimulus will either evaluate the variable once per VU-iteration on the first use or every use. Then the script editor will open, and you can write your code, compile it and save it.

You can edit or delete your variable later on by going back to the Scriptable Var tab, selecting the variable you wish to modify and then clicking either Edit (c) or Delete (d).




To add referenced assemblies to the scriptable variable compilation, click the References button (e) on the toolbar to bring up References dialog.

To add a .dll to the list of referenced assemblies, in the textbox enter its path. Then click Add.

To remove a .dll from the list of references, select it and click Remove.

Click ok to close the save and close the dialog.

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