StresStimulus offers a plugin for Jenkins CI so that you can add a StresStimulus load test to your build process. Currently, the plugin is only available as part of StresStimulus installation.

Once you install StresStimulus, start Jenkins, click "Manage Jenkins" on the sidebar and then navigate to "Manage Plugins".

Click on the "Advanced" tab and in the "Upload Plugin" section, select the stresstimulus-jenkins-plugin.hpi file located in the StresStimulus installation folder (by default %programfiles(x86)%\Stimulus Technology\StresStimulus). Then click "Upload" to install the plugin.

To add StresStimulus as a build step, navigate to your Jenkin's project dashboard and click "Configure".

Under the "Build" properties, click "Add build step" and select "Run a StresStimulus Load Test".

Specify the location of the .ssconfig for the test you wish to run on build. Optionally specify the Test Profile you wish to run. Then choose whether or not to generate a report and specify a name and description if desired.

The results of the test are printed to the Jenkins console.

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