StresStimulus monitors various performance parameters of the tested website in the following categories (for more details, see Graphing Performance Metrics):

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Pages
  • Transactions 
  • Test Cases
  • Windows, Linux or Unix Servers performance counters 
  • Load Agents performance counters 

Each category is presented as a graph with real-time performance curves showing the dynamics of monitored parameters. Multiple curves displayed on the same graph simplify discovering the correlation between parameters. For example, a sharp increase in response time coinciding with reaching a certain number of VUs can help to identify the website’s operational ceiling. Another example is if you notice that your server resource utilization is not stressed enough, you can manually increase the number of virtual users to reach the needed threshold for resources.

One to four panel layouts can be selected by clicking the Layout drop-down (1).  To select which graph to display in a panel, click a drop-down (2) above it. A graph icon of the selected graph type will be displayed on the left of the drop-down. Here's an example of a graph layouts settings:

  • the upper left panel displays KPI,
  • the upper right panel displays server performance counters
  • the bottom left panel displays pages
  • the bottom right panel displays transactions

The tab control under the graph panels allows displaying several grids, including Curve grids (3), designated with an icon, and optional Agent and Test Case Progress grids  (4). 

The curve grids display the following additional information about each curve:



Whether the curve is currently visible. Click the checkbox to hide/unhide the curve.


The name of the curve.



The curve color and point shape.



The current value range. The y-value of each point corresponds to a percent of the range.



Minimum value of the curve - datapoint aggregation (Sortable)



Maximum value of the curve - datapoint aggregation (Sortable)



Average value of the curve - datapoint aggregation (Sortable)



The last value of the curve - datapoint aggregation (Sortable)

WarningsNumber of threshold violation warnings (Sortable) KPI, Agents

Number of threshold violation errors (Sortable)  

KPI, Agents
Missed GoalsNumber of missed goals (Sortable) Page, Transaction


The number of times this Transaction or Page was completed successfully Page, Transaction

Note: Not every grid has all columns.

You can sort the grid by clicking on the desired column header. Click once to sort ascending and again to sort descending.

To see a graph's corresponding grid, select the appropriate tab.

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