Rendezvous are points in a test case that are used to synchronize Virtual Users to carry out tasks at the same moment. This is used to order to create a simultaneous load on the server at specific points in the test case.

For example, imagine a test case that logs in, performs a critical action, and logs out. It is required to test the critical action under a 100 VU load. However, running a steady load with 100 VUs will not guarantee a 100 VU load on the critical action because it is unpredictable how long the login will take. In these situations, you can add a rendezvous before the critical action to have each VU wait after its login for all other VUs to login.

To add a rendezvous, do the following:


1. Go to the Build Test Case node.

2. Select the object where you want to insert the rendezvous.

3. Right-click and select Insert Object -> Insert Rendezvous then select Insert Before or Insert After.

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