StresStimulus graphs allow to track down certain performance trends on a test timeline. For example, some sharp spikes in the response time in certain phases of the test become clearly visible. To analyze such trends, to understand the underlying web traffic is essential. Querying the test log from the graphs allows retrieving quickly web sessions captured during such moments for better performance diagnostic. You can also examine test errors as they are received and, based on this information, decide to continue or to stop the test.

To retrieving sessions from graphs

1. On any graph, select a time range that you wish to analyze. The graph will Zoom-in on the selected time range

 2. Right-click on the graph and then click Show Sessions in Range

3. A query builder window will appear with the Filter by time range box checked (a) and From / To boxes to select the time range (b).

4. Configure any additional search criteria you need. For example, to display only responses with errors, click Errors.

The sessions will be retrieved from the test log and displayed in the session grid.

Note: The test log is updated with a one minute delay.

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