Test cases can be combined into groups, called Test Case (TC) Groups. Test cases in a TC Group are executed sequentially in a predetermined order by a group of VUs. Using TC Groups allows recording smaller and less complicated test cases, and then combining them into needed sequences. Several TC Groups are executed in parallel by different groups of VUs. A test case can be added to several various TC Groups.

Creating TC Groups

To create a test case group:

  1. Select the Test Case Group tab,
  2. Click Create on the toolbar
  3. Create Test Case Group dialog will appear
  4. Enter TC Group name
  5. Add the selected test cases to the group.
  6. Arrange the order of test case execution by moving them up or down on the list.
  7. Click Create Group
  8. Test cases will appear on the tree in the order of their execution.


Starting from v5.2 test cases and TC Groups can be executed side by side during the same test.

Using TC Groups

TC Groups execution is similar to that of test cases. If a Test has more than one TC Group, then they are executed concurrently. The Mix Weight property of each TC Group determines the relative frequency (in units) of its replay in the mix.

Every VU is assigned to a specific TC Group for the entire duration of the test. A VU executes all test cases in a TC Group before starting the next iteration of the TC Group.

In the example shown below, a test has 5 test cases. Four out of them are part of 3 TC Groups with mix weights 40%, 20%, and 40%, respectively. Test emulated 5 VUs.

VU1 and VU4 will execute TC1 and TC2 sequentially, VU2 will execute TC3, VU3 and VU5 will execute TC1 and TC4 sequentially, TC5 will not be executed as it is not part of ant TC Group.


  • Every TC should be configured independently either before or after adding it to the TC Group.
  • When at least one TC Group is created, the Mix Weight and Cache-Control-related properties are moved from Test Cases to TC Groups because all test cases in a TC Group are executed with the same frequency and must have the same Cache-Control settings.

To edit a selected test case in the group, right-click and click Select As Current 

Verifying TC Group

To execute the test case group with 1 VU and 1 iteration, the same way as an individual test case, select Verify TC Group... in the context menu.

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