The installer, by default, installs two versions of StresStimulus:

  • Standalone version: implemented as a Windows application
  • Add-on version: implemented as an add-on to Fiddler, a popular free web debugging proxy by Telerik

Both versions have an almost identical feature set. The same UI elements are encompassed in slightly different layouts, as described in UI-Layout. Both versions use the same document format and can be interchangeably used to work with the same test. They also share the state and configuration space. For example, after opening a test in the standalone version, it will appear in the Recent list in the add-on version, and vice versa.

To launch the standalone version, select this icon

To launch the add-on version, select this icon

While very similar, each of the versions has its own benefits:

Standalone version benefits:

  • Does not require Fiddler
  • Is easier to use for non-Fiddler users due to less distraction from features unrelated to load testing

Fiddler add-on version benefits:

  • Tight integration with Fiddler allows to web debug and functional, performance, and load test in a single toolset.
  • Fiddler features (such as filtering sessions and auto-responders) can be used to extend the load testing feature set. For example, it creates the ability to simplify debugging of load tests.

Note: Standalone StresStimulus implements its own proxy listening on port 49386 (configurable from the Main Menu -> Options -> StresStimulus Options). It does not require Fiddler to be installed; however, it can coexist with Fiddler. You can even run Fiddler and the standalone version at the same time. Furthermore, when recording a test case in StresStimulus, Fiddler will capture the same sessions because both proxies will be automatically chained. However, while the standalone version is running, you can use Fiddler, but the StresStimulus add-on will not work.

Note: Fiddler is installed per Windows user. StresStimulus is installed per machine. If the installing user is different than the current user, StresStimulus addon will not be enabled inside Fiddler. To enable it, in StresStimulus standalone version main menu > About > Install Fiddler Addon.

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