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The Test Wizard is a helpful tool for an easy jump-start with StresStimulus. It guides a user through all major steps of recording, configuring, running a test, and presenting some significant results. The Test Wizard allows completing a single load test with minimal or no knowledge of performance testing or StresStimulus.

To launch the test wizard, click Record Test Case on the Workflow Tree (a) or click Test Wizard (b) on the toolbar.

Additionally, the Test Wizard has the following benefits:

1. Expediting StresStimulus learning. While navigating through the Test Wizard steps, the corresponding areas of the UI are highlighted to indicate how to execute the same step without the wizard. That simplifies StresStimulus adoption.

2. Customizing the level of detail in the wizard. Initially, the wizard will guide you through all relevant configuration steps. You have the option to skip certain wizard steps by selecting Do not show... For example, you can skip configuring the target hosts list. The wizard will remember your selection to skip the step next time.

3. Manual selecting wizard steps. The left wizard pane displays a step menu showing the sequence of configuration steps. Typically a user will navigate through steps sequentially by clicking Next. However, you can also click on the available step to change the normal execution sequence to skip certain steps or to run a specific step. Unavailable steps are disabled. For example, if the autocorrelation step was already completed automatically, 

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