The following sections describe the database tables that each test run stores the result in. Whether the test used SQL CE or SQL Server for test result storage, the tables are pretty similar. The only difference is SQL Server shares a database between many test results, while SQL CE only has one test result per database file (.sdf file).

ResultCatalog table in SQL Server

Since SQL Server database can store data for multiple test results, SQL server has a test result catalog table called ResultCatalog. 

TestId (PK)uniqueidentifier

The test run GUID. Every subsequent database table has a TestId field that tells which test run the record belongs to.

SQL CE TestId:

If a test used SQL CE for test result storage, then the TestId value will be 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Namevarchar(128)A unique name of a test.
DisplayNamevarchar(128)The display name of a test. By default, it is the same as Name
RunDatedatetimeThe data and time of when the test started
ConsolidatedbitAlways 1
ConfigIduniqueidentifierThe GUID of the test script configuration file. 2 tests that originated from the same .ssconfig file will have the same id.
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