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Expand by one level
Collapse by one level
Undo (Ctrl+Z)
Redo (Ctrl+Y)
Edit the selected object
Delete the selected object
Find Previous (Shift+F3)
Find Next (F3)
Find sessions by content (Ctrl+F)
Clear Search
Delete the found highlighted sessions
View Options

Show autocorrelation parameter details

Hide autocorrelation parameter details

Show the property grid on the bottom

Hide property grid on the bottom


Dock on the right
Dock on the left
Collapse to the left

Expand to the right

Help Boxes

Test Case Tree Search

- To find value in the Test Case Tree, start typing in the

Search Tree box.

- To find the next/previous value, click "Find Next/Previous".

- To find and highlight sessions by request/response

content, click Find Sessions by Content or hit (Ctrl+F).

- To clear all highlights, click "Clear Search".

- To delete highlighted sessions, click "Delete highlighted".

See Also:
Searching Test Case Tree

Test Case Tree Command

- To show or hide autocorrelation details, click

"Show" or "Hide" autocorrelation parameters.

- To show or hide properties, click "Show" or

"Hide" property grid.

- To show hosts targeted in this Test Case,

click "Test Case hosts".

-To show content-types in this Test Case, click

“Test Case content-types”.

- To dock the test case tree to Fiddler on the left

or StresStimulus on the right, click "Dock…"

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