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Each record represents a test metrics for a single virtual user during a test.

TestId (PK)uniqueidentifierGUID of the test run. If this is a SQL CE file then the value will be 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
VUId (PK)int32The 0-based VU number
AgentNamenvarchar(32)The load agent where this VU executed. FK AgentResult.AgentName
TestCaseNamenvarchar(32)The test case or test case group the VU executed
IterationsStartedint32Number of iterations the VU started
IterationsEndedint32Number of iterations the VU completed
IterationsAbortedint32Number of iterations the VU aborted
RemainingSessionsint32The number of requests not executed in the last iteration
AverageIterationTimefloatThe average time it took the VU to complete an iteration
TotalRequestsint32The total number of requests the VU issued
Errorsint32The total number of responses the VU issued that had an error
Timeoutsint32The total number of responses the VU issued that had a timeout
BrowserintNot used
BrowserNamenvarchar(64)The browser name the VU emulated
NetworkintNot Used
NetworkNamenvarchar(64)The browser name the VU emulated

The VU cache control setting

0 - New VU

1 - Returning VU

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