All StresStimulus licensing options can be found in the licensing dialog. To bring up the licensing dialog in the main menu, navigate to  Help > License... If you are using the Fiddler Addon version, go to StresStimulus > License...

If you have an active internet connection, you can activate and deactivate the license anytime. 

  • Click the Test Connection (a) button to test the connection to the StresStimulus licensing server. If you have an active internet connection but can't connect, then check your network's firewall settings.
  • Click Activate... (b) button to bring up the Activate StresStimulus License dialog.

Activate the license

In the Activate StresStimulus License dialog, enter the following:

  • Enter your serial number in the Serial (a) textbox.
  • If you have a multi-machine license, in the Number of VUs (b) textbox, enter the number number of VUs to allocate on this machine.
  • Optionally enter your contact information, such as your name and email, into the Contact Info (c) textbox to help streamline communication when releasing and reallocating StresStimulus licenses.
  • Click OK (d) button to activate the license.

Moving the license

StresStimulus licenses can be transferred from one machine to another. First, to move a license from an activated machine, click the Deactivate button to deactivate the license. Then you can move the license by activating it on any other machine.

Multiple Windows users

When a StresStimulus license is activated on a machine, the license is shared by all Windows users on this machine. However, only the Windows user that activated the license can also deactivate it.


The following are advanced features and should only be used if activation did not work or you have special licensing requirements. To bring up Advanced options, go to the Advanced tab in the licensing dialog.

Proxy Credentials

An active internet connection is necessary to activate the license. If your company uses a proxy that requires authentication to connect to the internet, you can enter the Proxy Credential section's credentials.

Offline Activation

It is best to activate StresStimulus using online activation; this way, the license can be easily moved from one machine to another as described above. However, if you can't connect to the internet or the StresStimulus licensing server, you can request an offline activation license. When you request an offline activation, StresStimulus support will send you a license file that will lock the license to the machine. During this time, the license will not be movable to another machine. Click the Request Offline Activation button to bring up the Offline Activation dialog. This dialog may also appear after StresStimulus determines that there is no available connection to the internet.

 First, select the offline license expiration. You can choose from the following options:

  • Permanent Offline Activation: The license will be locked on this machine for its duration and cannot be transferred to another machine.
  • Temporary Offline Activation: If the license needs to be transferred to another machine later, the expiration date has to be specified. Unexpired licenses can be transferred to another machine after that date.  

If you have a multi-machine license, then specify the number of VUs you want to allocate to the offline license.

Then check the checkbox to agree to bind the offline license to the machine and click the Save Request File and save the license request file.

Finally, send the license request file to for processing.

Once your request is processed, you should receive your offline activation file. Copy the file into the installation directory (for example, %Program Files%\Stimulus Technology\StresStimulus) to finish the offline activation.

License Portability

If you wish to use your StresStimulus license on another machine, you must first deactivate your existing machine's license. To do so, on the existing machine, navigate to Help -> License and click Deactivate. On the new machine, go to Help -> License and type your serial number. Then click Activate and restart StresStimulus.

Please note that this feature requires an Enterprise edition license, as well as active support.

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