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The Details tab lets you select which columns you want to be excluded in the grid on your report (a). You can customize the Transaction details, Page details, VU details, Test Case details, and Agent details grids. To exclude a details grid in the report, uncheck the “Add details grid to the report” (b) in all of the sub-page you wish not to include.

The Graphs tab gives you the option to exclude the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Load Agent graphs entirely or select which curves you wish to omit.

All settings in the Report, Details, and Graphs tabs are stored in the application and will persist after StresStimulus restarts.

In the Pages tab, you can exclude the page summaries from the report entirely (c) or chose which details you want to omit: Performance, Latency, Failure, Percent Failure, and Request Details Grid (e). Then, you can select which pages you want to include in the report (e). You can also exclude recorded Screenshot if the page has them.

Lastly, in the Transactions tab, you can exclude transactions from your report entirely or select which details to omit from the same criteria available in the Pages tab. Then, select which transactions you want to include in the report.

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