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AppDynamics is an Application Performance Management (APM) platform that monitors and troubleshoots application performance issues. Integration with AppDynamics helps AppDynamics users to track slowness and exceptions in business transactions initiated from StresStimulus load test.

When this integration is enabled, StresStimulus sends specific custom headers a load test execution. AppDynamics can retrieve this information and consolidates it with other application performance monitoring data. Some configuration options must be set up on the AppDynamics side.

To enable AppDynamics Integration, in the Other Options -> Advanced Options section,  set the property Enable AppDynamics integration? to Yes.

After that you will have the following additional options to opt in or out of specific custom headers:

  • Send test case names to AppDynamics - will include headers SSAppDyn_TC with the test case name
  • Send page and transaction names - will include headers SSAppDyn_PT with the name of a page or transactions
  • Send workflow objects - will include headers SSAppDyn_WO with the name of the objects such as Loops, If...Then and Do...While

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