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Auto-Configurator creates all extractors and parameters discovered by the Parameter Finder, in one sweep. It automatically executes the Parameter Creator multiple times to develop every missing object. It is the fastest way to configure your test. However, it does not allow to review new objects before creating them, and as a result, some unnecessary objects can be created.

Note: Unnecessary objects do not address any errors or warnings discovered during test verification. They can even increase the number of errors and can create performance overheads on the test machine.

Tip: When to use Auto-Configurator

  • If you are not familiar with the tested website and manually examining every extractor and parameter is ambiguous.
  • If you need to complete the test configuration for preliminary load testing quickly.

Otherwise, create parameters one-by-one using the Parameter Creator.

Run the Auto Configurator after running the Parameter Finder. On the Verify & Auto-Config toolbar, click Run Auto-Configurator.

After the Auto-Configurator completes execution, all missing objects will be designated with a green check box on the Parameter Finder Tree.

Run Verify Test Case again to check if the newly created objects reduced the number of errors or warnings. Delete unnecessary objects.

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